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Absract: The article is devoted to the scientific heritage of Yuri Valentinovich Knorozov, related not only to the deciphering of the Maya script, but also to the theoretical conclusions in the field of communication, focused on the increasing complexity of the group members’ interaction. The paper presents the main theories of Yu.V. Knorozov, based on the relationship of the brain activity of the individual and the types of signaling, ensuring the implementation of common tasks for the group. The article shows main features of Yu.V. Knorozov’s interdisciplinary research approach, which suggests the formulation of a theoretical concept and the practical testing of the hypothesis that follows it, as it was done by deciphering of the Maya hieroglyphic writing. The scientist colleagues’ and friends memories are widely attracted.
Keywords: Yu.V. Knorozov, Maya hieroglyphic writing, the decipherment of ancient writing systems, the theory of communication, the signaling theory, fascination, semiotics, ethnic semiotics
DOI: 10.31857/S241377150003063-2
Department: From the History of Philology
Author: Galina G. Еrshova
Information about the author: Professor. Affiliation: Russian State University for the Humanities Address: 15 Chayanova Str., Moscow, 111399, Russia

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