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Absract: The article describes the sources for representations of the 1917 Russian Revolution rooted in imagery and plot structures by going back to the Russian culture of the pre-Revolutionary epoch; the antinomism (catastrophical enthusiasm) of rhetorical strategies within revolutionary texts is discussed; the prevalence of sacred discourse and Biblical/Apocalyptic topoi in journalist writing and in the belles lettres of the time is exposed and analysed. The article also clarifies the general principles behind the evolvement of constant imagery congenial to the Russian letters of the War and Revolutionary years and behind the fundamental shifts in cultural codes, which depend on the so-called ‘dehumanization’ caused by the historical cataclysm.
Keywords: the 1917 Russian Revolution, sacred plots and storylines, the Biblical imagery, Apocalypticism and literature.
Pages: 12-17
Department: The XVI International Symposium of the Slavists
Author: Vadim V. Polonskiy
Information about the author: Professor of the RAS, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Director of the А.М. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the RAS, 25-a Povarskaya Str., Moscow 121069, Russia v.polonski@mail.ru


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