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Absract: The paper continues the series of the author’s publications on A. Kantemir’s satires, perceiving them as a unified text. The satires are built on a system of universal oppositions, each of which deserves special attention. This particular paper deals with the “exterior/middle” opposition, which has a “meta-universal” import. The application of the so-called “thesaurus analysis” to this opposition, its multifarious modes of operation and expression, as well as the system of universal shift-words (switches), which serve to indicate a shift from one extreme point to another, allows us to arrive at the following conclusions: in Kantemir, the “exterior” tends to be bright, diverse and concrete, while the “middle” is dull, difficult to define, and might be described as “apophatic”. The two poles of the opposition “exterior/middle” are dynamically connected, and one polar opposite presupposes the existence of the other. By approaching the texts through varying lens, i.e. analyzing satires in light of different oppositions at the micro-levels of the text, we are enabled – through defamiliarization – to discern the intersections of deeper levels of satires and to appreciate the perfection of construction.
Keywords: A. Cantemir, satires, microphilological approach, opposition system, “edges/middle” opposition, formula “from edge to edge”, shift-words.
Pages: 54-64
Department: Materials and Notes
Author: Olga L. Dovgy
Information about the author: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Research Worker at Faculty of Journalism of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Lecturer at the Institute of Philology and History of the Russian State Humanitarian University, Russia. 109044, Moscow, Melnikov street, 21–1 olga.dovgy@yandex.ru


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