Absract: The article looks at the traditions of Romantic autobiography and the Victorian novel, which were picked upThe article looks at the traditions of Romantic autobiography and the Victorian novel, which were picked upand rethought by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in Aurora Leigh (1856). We touch upon the Victorian agendaand characteristic features of the Victorian literature. Special attention is paid to literary epiphanies presentin Aurora Leigh (in particular, Aurora’s vision of Miriam and the moment of “double vision” in the finale),which offer a Victorian take on Wordsworth’s “spots of time”.
Keywords: artistic autobiography, professional poetess, Romantic and Victorian psychology of creativity, epiphanies, moments of “double vision”, “shared epiphanies”, E. Barrett Browning, Ch. Brontë, W. Wordsworth, V. Woolf.
Pages: 41-46
Department: Materials and Notes
Author: Elena V. Haltrin-Khalturina
Information about the author: Doctor of Philological Sciences (Russia), PhD in English (the USA), Leading Researcher at the Department of Classical Western Literatures and Comparative Literary Studies of the Gorky Institute of World Literature of the RAS, 25a Povarskaya Str., Moscow 121069, Russia. elenahaltrin@yandex.ru


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