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Absract: The article analyzes the unpublished letters of M. P. Kudasheva-Rolland stored in the Maxim GorkyThe article analyzes the unpublished letters of M. P. Kudasheva-Rolland stored in the Maxim GorkyArchive, concerning the so-called “Victor Serge case” (1933–1936), i.e. the most resonant stance by thecommunist dissident against Stalin’s policy and his political methods. On the evidence of Kudasheva’s lettersto M. Gorky’s secretary P. P. Kryuchkov, it is clear that she put on the role of mediator in Serge’s affairs andfacilitated his release and ensuing deportation from the Soviet Union. To her letters she attached a numberof published articles about “the case of Victor Serge” and the political repressions in the Soviet Union fromthe French, Belgian and Swiss newspapers and magazines (in particular, “Les Humbles”), which she hadsupplied with her translation and commentaries.
Keywords: Victor Serge, Kudasheva-Rolland, Gorky, Kryuchkov
Pages: 47-49
Department: Materials and Notes
Author: Marina A. Arias-Vikhil
Information about the author: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Researcher at the A. M. Gorky Archives of the A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature of the RAS, 25a Povarskaya Str., Moscow, 121069, Russia marina.arias@mail.ru


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