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Absract: The article is devoted to allegoric miniatures by Felix Krivin (1928–2016), a talented master of ironical observations of human nature. His short fables and commentaries are marked with mild irony, lapidary precision and evident connection with the Soviet reality. The texts analyzed make it possible to appreciate the main trends of moralistic modifications   – paradoxical conclusions of human character compared to any phenomenon of reality, including animals, plants, everyday objects and scientific notions, allusions to well- known texts and easily recognizable life style, ludic transformations of sadness and joy in their inseparable connection, multidimensionality of contradictory reality.
Keywords: Felix Krivin, allegory, fable, edification, irony.
Pages: 40-46
Department: Materials and Notes
Author: Vladimir I. Karasik
Information about the author: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor at the Volgograd State Socio-Pedagogical University, 27 Pospect Lenina, Volgograd, 400066, Russia vkarasik@yandex.ru


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