V. A. Zhukovsky and N. A. Nekrasov: Ways of the Russian Poetry in the 19th Century Ju. M.


Phonetics and Phonology

V. М. Alpatov 

Vyacheslav Ivanov About “the End of Times”

G. V. Obatnin

Old Russian Complex Speech Turns. The Relations of Illocutive Inequality (on the Material of The Tale of Bygone Years)

V. S. Savelyev

Kheraskov and Milton: “The Universe” and “Paradise Lost”

V. L. Korovin 

Materials and Notes

Collective Numerals Through the Prism of the Russian National Corpus

I. A. Sharonov


Tolstaya S.M. The Wolrd’s Image in Text and in Ritual. M.: The Russian Foundation for Education and Science, 2015. 528 p.

N. I. Golubeva-Monatkina

Jubilees of Scholars Academician of the RAS Evgeniy Petrovich Chelyshev (On the 95th Birthday) Ju. L. Vorotnikov, M. V. Oreshkina 70 Corresponding Member of the RAS Vsevolod Yevgenievich Bagno (On the 65th Birthday)

S. N. Gouskov

Corresponding Member of the RAS Dmitriy Vladimirovich Frolov (On the 70th Birthday)

A. B. Kudelin


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