The Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Studies in Literature and Language (Izvestiya RAN. Seriya literatury i yazyka, further abbreviated as B_RAS.LL), founded in 1852 by Academician Izmail I. Sreznevsky, is the oldest academic journal in Russia for scholars of philology. As the official journal of the Division of Historical and Philological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (in Russian, ОИФН РАН), B_RAS.LL is committed to carrying on the Russian philological traditions while seeking to publish innovative research.

The journal offers the best of current writing on all aspects of literary and linguistic studies, including discussions of fundamental philological works, review articles and chronicles, and transactions of the Division of Historical and Philological Studies of the RAS. One of the journal’s main sections is devoted to resurrection of undeservedly disregarded events from the history of philological scholarship in our country.

Among B_RAS.LL’s contributors there are Academicians and correspondent members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, researches from academic institutes, many internationally recognized scholars from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, different Russian regions, as well as eminent scholars from other countries.

We accept articles in Russian.

Frequency: the journal is published bimonthly (6 issues a year).

Subjects: Literature and Language, Linguistics, History of Russian and World Literature, Literary Theory, Folklore Studies, Aspects of History of Art.

Subscription is available at any post office of the “Russian Post” (catalogue index 70354). Single issues are not currently available for sale.

Publication history: 1852 – present.

ISSN: 0321-1711